I am a creative Robin Hood-astronaut from the Bronx

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Age: 27
Label: Independent
Charting: Spotify: Platinum
Top Streaming: 5.8M, YouTube (Do No Wrong)
Known For: Do No Wrong - Hustle Gang;  HD Bling - Translee feat. GFMBRYYCE; ; Eternal Youth EP - GFMBRYYCE
Social: Facebook Instagram Twitter Soundcloud YouTube

Bio: Bryce Harris is a seasoned musician, entertainer, and songwriter having already worked with mainstream artists and labels including the Multi-Platinum label Hustle Gang for their latest singles, 'We Want Smoke; and 'Do No Wrong.' Both of which garnered millions of streams and views on Spotify, YouTube, and BET. Additionally, Bryce has appeared on Netflix's 'Rapture' series and BET's short film series 'Us or Else.' He has also appeared on recognized publications including ABC News, FOX,  and other music tours and community empowerment events.